Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I think I've gone Potatoes

This is my favorite bathrobe in the world!!!! Anyway, my mouth is still aching from getting 2 fillings done yesterday. Hopefully, I'll get a bruise or something on my cheek for what it's worth. haha. On a positive note, the Crater Cake was INSANELY good. It's in the top 5 best foods I have ever eaten in my life. Honestly, I could eat that cake every day and be perfectly happy. The cake was so moist, and it wasn't overly sweet. I mean, I could taste all of the unhealthy fatiness of it, but I don't care. It was just THAT good. Everyone at the picnic liked it, too.

I also had another doctor's appointment yesterday at the gastro. This Friday, I am scheduled for an endoscopy!! I'm actually really excited because I want to know what is wrong with this stomach of mine. I've had stomach cramps for a LONG time, and nobody can ever find anything. Doctors will just prescribe anything these days hoping it will work. I guess we will see, though. I still need to find someone to work for my ass on Friday. After the endoscopy, I can't be by myself for 12 hours because I'll be under the influence of anethesia. I'm actually positive I'll end up calling off along with all the other "dependable" cashiers. haha

But onto the recipe. I was in the mood for potatoes last night. We had half a bag of little yellow potatoes, so I made some roasted potatoes. They were delicious!! I ate mine with ketchup because ketchup is the best condiment. My favorite part about them was the smell- It was a crazy, good, garlic smell.

Here's the recipe:
Crazy Good Smelling Potatoes

1 small bag of baby potatoes
Canola Oil Cooking Spray
Sprinkle of Salt and Freshly Black Ground Pepper
1 tsp garlic powder

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Cover a baking dish with aluminum foil. Cut potatoes in half and put them in baking dish. Spray with Canola Oil Spray and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Roast in oven for 35-40 minutes. That's it!

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