Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 Month Anniversary!!!

Yay!! I am so excited about today. It's been 2 months since I last used shampoo. Here's an update on my hair: It looks gross!! haha I really want to get it trimmed but don't want the hair stylist to say how nasty it looks. I don't really know when my hair-detoxing period will end. Hopefully soon. I've been curling it with spongecurlers so you can't really notice that it's greasy. I mean, nobody on the streets has come up to me about my hair, so when that happens, well... I knock them out haha

On another note, have any of you tried kelp noodles?? I ordered a pack of them and got them in the mail yesterday. They are SOOO delicious. I am shocked at how good they are. I was expecting to bite into a squishy, clear worm, but they are kind of crunchy (they still look like worms though). I'd recommend them if you haven't tried them- they are all RAW, too. The bag I ordered was really small (only 2.5 oz) and if I were you, I'd get a bigger one. I'm practically done with the one I got. I ate them with some swiss chard and hummus. YUMMY!

And of course, I just had to show you some pictures of Corey, Landsy, and me again.
We've been sleeping together because he gets lonely at night and I always succumb to what he wants. It's usually okay until he takes ALL the covers and pushes me off the bed.

Landsy got a little frisky, and I felt uncomfortable... haha just kidding. I loved it!!

We finally got to sleep around 3 after chatting for a few hours. He'll talk your ear off if you let him.

I made Corey wear my bathrobe just for fun and he LOVES it now. haha Okay, that's a total lie, but I don't care. He's wearing the damn thing!

Anyways, have a great St. Patrick's Day, guys. I'm not doing anything, but maybe you are. Oh and I almost forgot to ask if any of you Twilight fans are going to the Twilight Midnight Movie Release this Friday?!?!?!! You know I'll be there. I asked my sister to get there at 3 pm with me and she looked at me like I had just told her I was pregnant. She doesn't really have a choice though. I pick her ass up from school so I am skipping the detour home and going straight the mall!!!!!!!!

Twilight Fans (Psychos) Unite!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lots of Absurd, Random Craziness.

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been on here at all. Life has just been so crazy lately. So much stuff has been goin on!!!!! A glass of wine would totally come in handy but my mom doesn't want to let me drink to escape my problems. I guess that's smart on her part though haha

I do have some spankin good news though... I got into the University of Pittsburgh!!! It was the only school that I applied to so I HAD to get in. I was accepted to the School of Education for Wellness.

Other than that, I figured I'd post some pictures of that last couple of weeks. I know how you guys can't get enough pictures. Enjoy!!

The POM people got in touch with me and sent me a case of their pomegranate juice. I love it!!! You know how I love juice though. It's nice, tart, and sassy.

Chugging it down in my favorite bathrobe.

Okay. I know I look so sad here, but it's because I was. haha I was REALLY sick a couple weeks ago and felt like total hell. I knew I'd eventually post a picture of how shitty I looked so there it is.

Here's Corey (My Edward-Boyfriend) and Landsy meeting for the first time. They get along great!! But we all know Landsy is irresistible...

Corey can't come over without getting completely inked with fake tattooes. These are his tramp stamps.

Obviously, his arms couldn't hide either.

My mom bought me a huge pack of glitter tattoos. I didn't like the fairies very much so they definitely weren't going on my body.

Before you say anything, let me explain. I stole a large amount of latex gloves from my dental surgeon's office because he made me wait too long. I've been placing them in random places lately and also blowing them up and drawing on them. I really suck at blowing them up though so Corey had the honor of doing it.

I think this looks just like him... and cow udders.

This is what Corey thinks I look like. I should slap him for this... haha I probably already did.

So sexy, I know.

You know I can't do a post without Mitchel in it. We decided that a cross was a good spot to leave the latex glove. Afterall, Easter is coming up...

Obviously, Landsy was having a great time food shopping. I hadn't seen him in a few months since Mitchel was holding him hostage, but now it's my turn to have a little fun with the guy!

They decided to cement their love for one another in the Giant Eagle checkout line. How classy.

We found this kickass cart in the parking lot so we had to take advantage of it!!!

Takin a walk on the wild side.

My friend, Matt, was February's Rotary Student so Landsy and me wanted to show him some provocative love.

Liebchen and Landsy were getting cozy.

Liebchen is such a fatass. She would NOT leave Mitchel's plate alone whatsoever.

And last but not least, here's my evil cat, Butter. In every picture I have of her, she is usually being possessed by the Devil.

Hope you liked them, guys!!! Have a great Saturday and live it up!!!!!