Friday, April 17, 2009

3 month anniversary and some eggs to go along with it

Hello my beautifuls!!! Today has been a shitty day already. I woke up an hour late for school and didn't get to shower. By the time I got to school, my shirt was soaked in sweat because it's really hot outside. My hair looked really gross (as if it could look worse already) and was so greasy haha But that brings me to one of the topics of today's post. My HAIR!!! It's been 3 months since I used shampoo. Right now, it looks and feels like horse hair. I'm not gonna let it get to me though.

As for other important shit, I thought I'd talk about some of my smoothies I drink every day. I've become a smoothie addict and have usually have one for breakfast and lunch. Lately, my favorite has been the Banana Smoothie!!! Uhh it is total sex in my mouth!! I love it

Here's the recipe:

Banana Smoothie
4-5 bananas
2 glasses full of water
2-3 dates

Blend it all up and enjoy with your eye closed... except if you're driving.

Speaking of food, how was everyone's Easter?? My BF Mitchel came over and we dyed eggs and drew pictures of each other. My cheeks were still really swollen from having my wisdom teeth removed and Mitchel took full advantage of making fun of me. It was quite enjoyable, but I was so doped up on meds that I hardly remember it. I wasn't even wearing a bra!! haha I couldn't remember how to dye eggs either, so mine didn't turn out very well. Landsy's eggs were beautiful though. I guess he's also a professional egg-dyer in his spare time. Here's some pictures of our scandalous night...

Oh and I just remembered something amazing. I saw Tubby (the squirrel) a few days ago in the Bally's parking lot!!! I haven't seen him all freakin winter and thought he had vanished forever. I walked past a van and practically pissed myself when I saw that giant furball.

Life is good!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time to sleep....

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this morning, and I can already feel the effect of the 4 pills I've taken so far. My eyes are dizzy and my throat feels weird. I hate taken medication for anything but my mother forced me. This comic is much longer and gets really gross and bloody so I didn't put the rest on here haha I didn't wanna scare anyone away; however, here's the link: to look at the rest of it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was laughing my ass off. I know some of you have a twisted sense of humor like me. hehe. I plan on having another really relaxing day of sleeping. The past few days have been major sleep-in days where I watch Twilight a thousand times and other shows like What Not To Wear. And of course, tons of food. I'm really craving a honeydew smoothie so hopefully I have the strength to get off my ass and make one when I get home. My mother is taking me to the appointment because she doesn't trust me driving. hmm i wonder?? I just don't want to be bleeding everywhere. I have such a negative few of all doctors and rarely trust them. But anyway, on a much lighter note, my mom was dressing up my cat,Butter, with this ridiculous outfit she usually puts on her Geese. My mother has these big geese in front of our house that wear ridiculous outfits all through the year. The cat is wearing a pig-tailed wig and floral dress. She wants to kill everyone in the room at the moment, but I don't blame her. She looks hilarious!!

Okay guys. Here's an after photo of my lovely morning. I feel like total hell!! haha I can't drink anything because my mouth is so numb (my sucking ability doesn't work either). I also got an IV which was an unpleasant surprise haha At least I can watch trashy television all day!! Thanks for your support, my friends!! Your happy words make me do a creepy, numb, half-smile :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

You climb trees at 4 a.m.

Hello my beautiful friends!! Hope your Thursday is going just as well as mine. I had a chemistry lab this morning and then went out to breakfast with Corey (pictured in last post). However, the two of us aren't together anymore. I broke up with him last week because he has never complimented me... ever. Wouldn't that annoy you??? I mean, I just need somebody to tell me I look nice once in a while. It sounds like a weird reason to end it but I don't want to ask him for compliments because I want him to say it because he wants to. I'm sure you guys understand. I just need an Edward... speaking of that sexy man haha Here's my Edward Cullen shirt that I ordered online. Isn't it smokin?? I wanted to order one of his face but I thought it would make me look like some creepy, obsessed stalker...

In other news, my hair looks much better now. This picture is after the Britney Spears concert and it looks nice and fluffy. I can FINALLY say that I don't want to shave my hair off anymore. I was close to it, but I refrained. I'm thinking about getting a haircut today but don't want to shell out the doe. I asked Corey to cut it but he refuses and I can't get my mother or sister to do the deed either. My sister is known for butchering hair anyways.

Next week is sprink break- THANK GOD!!!! I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next Tuesday so I should be a freakshow... at least I hope. I have this urge to drive to the dental surgeon while on sedatives. I think it would be hilarious, and I'd be so proud if I made it there without killing a few jay walkers in the process.

And of course, I'm sure you'll all wondering how Lands' End Dog is doing. Well, let's just say that he's been walking on the wild side. I dressed him in my pink bikini and he is loving it haha That's a total lie. He can't stand it!!! I had to stuff his bra with toilet paper because the top fit weirdly on his male body. I sleep with him every night and it makes me feel gay because he's been in a bikini. It took so much work putting the damn thing on him so there's no way it's comin off!!

Last but not least, is this the biggest raspberry you've ever seen?? I only buy organic and was surprised by this sucker because it's usually the genetically modified fruits that look like they're on steroids. I compared it to a normal raspberry just to prove my point haha I obviously have way too much time on my hands for taking pictures of useless things.