Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I think I've lost it!!

Okay. I need help. All I do is think about Robert Pattinson!!! I am so unhealthily obsessed with him. I feel bad for the guy. He has crazy girls throwing themselves at him all the time, and I really don't want to be the same... but it seems that I'm no different. He is the most perfect guy in the world. I realize that I am equating Edward Cullen's personality with Robert's, but in my mind, they are the same person haha But I do LOVE Robert's accent.

I met a girl today at Barnes and Noble while I was picking up New Moon and she said she's reading the Twilight Saga for the 3rd time in a row. Now, that's a little bit creepy, but who am I to judge? I replaced Bella Swan's head with my own. You have to admit that we do look pretty cute together. haha I tend to do that when I have a celebrity crush. My last insane crush was Matt Dillon. He's like 45 now, but I don't care. I was in love with him in 8th grade and cried when I'd see him at an Awards show with somebody.

I think I just need to meet a real guy to take my mind off of Edward. I just haven't found one yet, damnit. I'm not looking for a boyfriend because of school and stuff, but if I find one, I'd give a relationship a try. I'm usually not a relationship person, but I think that's what I need to stop thinking about Robert. I'm going to see my therapist tomorrow so hopefully she can talk some bloody sense into me. hehe

As for food, I've been eating salads like crazy and lots of bananas, which isn't anything weird. That's about it haha I practically live off of fruits, veggies, nuts, and juices. I'm still not giving up hummus though. I just can't. I'm doing 90% RAW mainly because of my love for it. I've also been making a lot of Ani Phyo's meals and I love them. Here's a few pictures of my daily eats-
Zucchini Pasta with Sun-dried Tomato Marinara Sauce- this is honestly the best "pasta" dish I've ever had. It tastes so much like real spaghetti.

Buckwheat Crispies with Vanilla Mylk and an orange and banana- ok, this is just so good. If you haven't tried buckwheat groats, go to Whole Foods and get some. They are like Rice Krispies after you've soaked and dehydrated them.

Sweet and Spicey Cashews- I adapted this recipe from Ani's recipe and mine came out REALLY spicey. I practically cried when I took my first bite, but I got used to having no feeling on my tongue.

Dehydrated Kiwi!!! These taste like candy. They are soo damn sweet and squishy. I didn't dry them all the way because I like my fruits kind of gummy.

Cucumbers with Ketchup. Becca from "Vegan with a Reason" told me to try these and they weren't bad. I think I like cucumbers better cooked though... or on my eyelids haha

My shampoo less life has been really well, too. My hair feels fine now and I don't even notice anything weird about it. I've been leaving it curly most of the time instead of straightening it. That's when you can kind of tell that it's not washed; however, I noticed that my hairbrush had some interesting specimens on it- White fuzzy hair. I'm thinking that it might be build-up from my usage of shampoos for the past 19 years. Obviously, I don't have white hair... I think. haha Nobody has pointed it to me though, so I could be wrong. What do you guys think???


Jenn said...

Yikes?!? Are you OK?

aredcardigan said...

omg....is that normal? girl...ya better be okay! i wanna have u around forever

on to more cutie pie subjects....hehehe i see u have the crushignitis....i am the same way...all the musicians u see on my "admiration" list are men i wanna marry!!!lol

i hope u and robert/edward end up together. i just wanna see u happy as a girl!

Anonymous said...

what the...??
is it hair-hair, or could it be something, I don't know, falling from the tree? pollen? something?

Anonymous said...

and by "tree", I do indeed mean "treeS"...

Jen Treehugger said...

I've not heard of the white stuff so I'd get it checked out for sure and I've never heard of Robert Pattinson either.
Don't hate me.

Pearl said...

haha ooh you and mr. cullen are stunning together!

Amy said...

Hmmm I'd maybe get that hair checked out. I've had white hairs since I was 20 (now I have white stripes on my temples :P) but if you've never had them before and now you've got heaps......

Haha, love the photo of you and your crush (and yes, I used to have crushes who were WAY older than me, Richard Gere, Bruce Willis, both old enough to be my father....showing my age now though so I'll leave it at those 2 :P)

K from ksgoodeats said...

Haha - nice photoshopping :)

All the eats sound fabulous!! Hope your hair is okay, I've never heard of that.

Jen said...

nice photoshop job. i feel the same way about seth green. meow.

i'm in awe of your ability to stick with mostly raw foods.

yes, go see a doctor about your hair.

jessy said...

no too sure on the hair, Joanna! i've never heard of anything like that!

i love your photoshopped picture - you're cracking me up! and all your raw eats look so delicious! i don't think i could ever give up hummus either - it's too awesome!

MamaBecky said...


I think that white stuff is clumped up baking soda from your
hair elixir.............show me the
brush when I get home today!!!!!!!

what is wrong with vegan shampoo?
I know it isn't a detox but lush has some good products - as we both know.

Love you bonesy!

Reeni said...

Love the picture, you look so cute together. That hair looks like my cat's hair! I think it is your hair 'detoxing'. Your food looks yummy except that cucumber and ketchup, what a weird combo. The cashews look really yum and I love hummus too!!

Megan said...

mmm sweet an spicey cashewwwws!

i havent really jumped on the twilight/r-pat wagon yet, but i am sort of in love with your photoshopped picture :)

Michelle said...

All these recipes look fabulous. You're not crazy, JO....you're REALLY CRAZY! LOL! I need to get myself a dehyderator.

Gina said...

Okay...first of all, yes, you have indeed lost it....although you do make a cute couple.

So, I know nothing about this no shampooing thing....do you not condition it either? I'm assuming no, since you seem very anti-chemicals altogether.

I'm glad you like the vanilla chai stuff! I have been having it mixed half with tea, and its still awesome. Have you tried Ani's "hummus" recipes at all? I would never give up hummus, but I did notice the "bean free hummus" recipes. I'm assuming the buckwheat groats are unhulled? I bought some, intending to make that recipe, but I think I bought them hulled...plus, I realized that I don't have a dehydrator..duh.

I hope that it just product buildup coming off your head..because if so, that's great!

Btw, every time I open your blog, my brother goes "THAT girl's blog again???", because the song plays, haha.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

That photoshopping is awesome. Don't worry about being obsessed. I am married, and I have read the series countless times :)

Chelsea said...

Joanna and Edward, omg that is hilarious! What a cute couple you are! Have you seen a picture of him with his head shaved? I heard that cured a lot of girls... :)

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, crush away! I'm 34 and still have tons of celeb crushes - nothing wrong with it at all. Mind you, I don't photoshop stuff the way you did, but horses for courses, right?

As for your hair fluff, I haven't got a clue. But - you're no longer using shampoo? What brought that on? What are you using on your hair now?

Care to share that marinara sauce recipe?

Anonymous said...

LOL I have a few white hairs, but nothing like that!!!
Dude, if you could make that pizza in a raw version... holy crap! That would be sooo amazing!
Yummy, it also looks like you have been having some incredible eats!! And the photoshop? LOL awesomeness!

Bethany said...

noooo! edward cullen is a total control freak self loathing jerk. I hope you only think he's perfect because he's good looking. btw, I think Bella is totally stupid too.

now the actor that played him is totally cute and I'm assuming not a jerk like EC, the character.

I had the best buckwheat cereal served w/ a scoop of banana sorbet. all raw. very good.

I also love zuchinni pasta w/ sauce. The kind I had was a raw alfredo. yummy!

I think i have to read some back posts to hear about not shampooing. I think my hair produces too much grease for that. just what you wanted to know.

Jenn said...

Ha, I put the first comment up when all you had posted was "I think I've lost it." I meant to check back earlier, as to what you actually posted. Nice photo of you and your vampire boyfriend.
There's a really funny song by Bree Sharp called David Duchovny. It's all about how she's obssessed with Mulder and the X-files. My mom loves it which is really too funny. Check it out if you get the chance. Then you can write your own Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson song!

Elizabeth said...

Love the pic. I want some dehydrated kiwi. Is a dehydrator expensive?

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

You do make a cute couple, Jo! Hey, there's nothing wrong with day dreaming and a healthy crush! Now if you move into a van in front of the guy's house, then you can probably assume that you've gone bananas! :)

Wow, your hair thing is freaky! I have no idea what could be going on there!

miss v said...

i've read about the white fuzzies in unshampooed hair, so i wouldn't be worried. how long did it take before your hair looked normal? i'm so impressed you are making it through it all..

Joie de vivre said...

I just finished this book (Twilight) last night...obviously you think the movie is worth it? The Edward in the book was just so amazing I didn't know if anything could live up to him. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

the twilight movie did not meet half of my expectations. the book was so great though.

Anonymous said...

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